Planning a bachelorette party? Or looking for something special to your best friend's birthday?

Make your day more special with a sexy dance class! Forget the usual programs and get ready to party with us!

Learn sexy moves

You can learn hot moves in a beginner friendly way, because we know that not all of you have experience in dancing. The moves you’ll learn can be used in most of the parties.

Start the party with us

How to start a party better, than by learning some sexy movements and boosting your confidence. We’ll get you in the mood, to start the fun! 

Get the squad together

A dance together will get you even closer. In this program we’ll include everybody so you’ll dance together as a team. Focusing on having fun!

A day to remember

Forget the usual girly programs, and try something more fun. Start this memorable night with us.

Not sure about the style?

Struggling with choosing the dance for the group? Don’t worry, we’ll help you.


Want to learn some hot booty shaking moves, you can use in the party? If you are real badass gyals, you’ll love this 1 hour of sexy twerking.


Learn some really feminine movements in heels! After this class you’ll know how to whip your hair, whine your waistline etc.. everything you need to be a queen of the dancefloor.


You prefer the latin rhytm? Do you like Reggaeton music? If you are into for example Daddy Yankee’s and Maluma’s music, and looking for a cool girly class, this will be the best choice for you!

Dance with your Besties in party feeling!

They have already chosen us

Have any questions?

Yes, there is a changing room in the dance studio, with lockers.

The sooner the better as the capacity of our teachers is limited.  

We suggest comfortable clothes. For example tight jeans are not suitable for dancing.

We will make a video of your dance on your request. We’ll send you this video via email after the class, so you’ll allways remember your special day!

Don’t worry about this! No previous experience is needed. Our patient teacher will teach you beginner friendly moves!

Yes. After discussing the details, and accepting the price, we’ll ask for a deposit of 30% to finalize the appointment. This of course will be counted in the final amount.