Get into shape with intensive Reggaeton

❓Do you like intense classes, moving all your body? 
❓You already know the basics, and want to practice?
❓You want to get into shape without boring exercises?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions, you will LOVE our intensive reggaeton classes!

Reggaeton – as a street dance style – is an intense dance. We use dance moves which will move all of your body, will make you strong and fit.  We won’t lift weights, or do situps, but you’ll feel results after a few classes due to continous, intense dancing. 

👉What are these classes about?

✔️ Non-stop dancing 
✔️ Easy to follow movements for all levels of dancers.
✔️ Varied movements – forget monotony!
✔️ Lot of practice – so you can  evolve faster
✔️ Fun music – will help you to get rid of everyday stress

You can join any time – we’ll help you to catch the rhythm! 

Please note, that this is not a beginner class. Join us if you already know the basics. 

Try now, thank yourself later!

Why is it good for you?
  • help you to get fit
  • workout
  • having fun
  • practice
  • intense workout
  • all levels
  • reggaeton basics needed

Infoline: +36 30 976 1404

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Legyél te is reggaetondancer!

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