You can pay by cash or card at the spot.

Choose the option best fitting to your needs:

We accept the following AYCM cards:

L, XL, XXL, A, E, D, A+, L+, XL+, XXL+

Pass for one class:

Normal: HUF 1700
With student ID: HUF 1500


Pass for 4 classes: HUF 5500 / with student ID: HUF 4800

Pass for 8 classes: HUF 9800 / with student ID: HUF 8600,-Ft

Passes for 4 and 8 classes are valid for 5 weeks. 

UNLIMITED monthly pass: HUF 16.000

You can use it for any of our classes, valid for the actual month. You can buy it in the first week of the month. 

Our passes are not transferable, and their validation date can not be extended.