One of the most popular music genres and for sure the coolest street dance of Puerto Rico and Cuba. It’s roots go back until the construction of Panama Canal. Nowdays it is very popular among the latin clubs, and it has many fusions like Salsaton, Bachaton etc. REGGAETON is about freedom and enjoy. In a real reggaeton music video you can see the music coming to life in every movement of the dancers as they lose themselves in the pulse of reggaeton music. Now here is the time for you to learn it! It is easy to follow and has many benefits.

  • You will move softer after 1-2 reggaeton classes!

  • A reggaeton class is very good for body shaping.

  • Reggaeton develops your moves and works almost every muscle in your body.


Be a man or a woman it is not just your mood that will be better class by class, but you will have better condition, and developed self esteem as – after some practice – you will be able to follow easily these good looking moves. During the classes, you will learn some cool choreographies too.

Every instructor in our dance school loves reggaeton and its culture, so you can be sure that you are in good hands. Every class, we practice the already learned moves, and of course you can learn new ones as well. The second part of the class is practicing, practicing…so it is important for you to wear comfortable clothes. Why is it worth coming and dance reggaeton every week???

  • You can dance in an enviroment of high standard in the heart of Budapest.

  • You can learn from the best instructors of Hungary

  • Fun classes


reggaeton csopikep

We have limited spots for the classes! Don’t hesitate, sign up now!

Infoline: +36 30 976 1404

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