According to Oxford English Dictionary Twerking is a type of dancing in which an individual dances to music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low squatting stance, although most people simply call it booty shaking. Anyway, it will provide you much more than that. It will provide you the feeling of some African American dances, and will move your muscles much more than a fitness class!

The movements of the hips are essential part of various african and caribbean originated dances. The circuling, moving, shaking, clapping, and popping of hips and booty can be found in African dances and Brasilian samba as well, where women move their hips in those feather costumes in an incredible tempo. Besides these….

  • Twerking will make you feel sexy

  • Twerking helps body shaping

  • The classes are about feminine dance moves, which will develop your self esteem.


A twerk class is only for women, with female instructor. During the classes, you will learn moves that you can use on any kind of party. You will learn how to bounce your booty, roll your hips, your body, and how to pose. Twerking does not require previous experience in dancing, and can be used for various music genres.

Besides learning the good looking dance moves, the goal of twerk classes is for you to feel good, relax and dare to dance! The method we use on the classes will help you to find the Goddess in you! After some months you won’t need to drink anything before you enter the dancefloor, and you will be proud of the pary photos and videos. Some important things of the classes….

  • You can dance in an enviroment of high standard in the heart of Budapest.

  • No men area

  • Fun classes

We have limited spots for the classes, don’t hesitate, sign up now!

Infoline: +36 30 976 1404

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